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The Power of 3

We're closing 2023 and starting 2024 and we're hearing lots of people asking what to wish for in these troubled times?

Psychologist Abraham Maslow provides useful advice here. Assuming you’ve got a roof over your head and food on your plate, his observation is that we need just 3 things to be happy. That’s to have:

  1. Something to DO

  2. Someone to LOVE

  3. And something to HOPE for.

Insightful and fit for today’s world, this trio is a good example of what we call the 'Power of 3’ here at Braindanz. Classic examples include: Do, Re, Mi; Three Little Pigs; The Good, the Bad and the Ugly; Gold, Silver, Bronze or Ho, Ho, Ho.

If these were 2s, they’d be dull, 4s too complicated. 3’s superpower is to be simple, memorable while at the same time delivering a sense of choice and triggering emotion.

It works just the same with brands: Just do it; Free, Pro, Enterprise; Coach, Business, First Class; Wanna Small, Medium or Large? Top, Middle, Bottom shelf; Made with just 3 ingredients... If you can get your message, offer, process, pricing etc. down to just 3 options, you’re on to a winner.


But if trios look easy, their creation seldom is. Say you’re designing a new marketing asset, service or procedure, there’s always more to say and you can quickly get carried away.

Identifying and staying focused on the 3 things that matter most, to customers or user for example, is the key. Then, finding the best way to frame and pitch them takes it to the next level.

We share this as the Power of 3 is one of our clients’ favourite Danzers. Danzers are practical frameworks and steps we work through with client Teams to solve problems and unlock new opportunities.


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