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What's your story?


Those who tell the best stories rule the world goes the saying. There's little doubt that a good story helps raise money, get media coverage, win a pitch, sell a product and recruit staff.

In the last 20 years, our understanding of what makes a good story and effective communication has vastly improved. Yet few business master this new paradigm.

We help businesses, brands and individuals identify and shape their story and turn it into results.


All the science shows it: our brains are programmed for stories. Their primary purpose is to convey information for our survival. That’s why stories about wolves, evil folk and today cyber-crime are so popular.

Stories also foster relationships in groups. A story about a national hero connects us to a country, dinner table tales unite a family or friends. And come night, storytelling continues in the form of dreams !

How's this useful for business? A good story connects us to the storyteller – it creates a relationship with that person. Good story-telling brands are more attractive, to both customers and staff. Result: better brand stand-out, often higher sales prices, more loyal staff - all triggered by a good story.


If your pitch isn't working hard enough or if you have a big presentation coming up.

if you're unsure about your message - internal or external or you feel that your content in advertising, social media or PR could be more effective.


Our services range from spot training e.g. to prepare for an investor pitch to a series of workshops to identify your core story and how it can come to life.

With you, we'll work through a series of Danzers, frameworks designed to focus attention on what what matters, removing noise.

Outcome: a clear story and communication plan with supporting briefs for your team and agencies.


Business leaders, Marketing and Communication teams, all Heads and customer-facing functions like Sales and Customer Success can benefit.

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