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Less is more



If something’s complicated for you, imagine how it feels for your customers and team? Complexity is on the rise, working like a thief, robbing us of our time, money and energy.


Fact: businesses that keep it simple are more successful, easier to manage and more innovative. 


The concept of simplicity is ancient. But its application to business is new.


Our mission: to make organisations and people’s working lives simpler.



Many domains urgently need to be simplified. Strategy and how a business is organised, processes of all kinds, communications for sure – both internal and external, overly complex portfolios of brands, products and services...

Insight: a technology layer can’t simplify something that isn’t simple underneath!  



We've perfected practical tools - Danzers - that delivers clear ‘before / too complex’ and ‘after / much simpler’ changes. We train, coach, consult and workshop with these tools.

Truth: simple isn't easy. But just half a day's worth of training already makes a difference.



For anyone who feels overwhelmed and wants to make things simpler. You can work in Management, Strategy, Finance, Legal, Communications, Marketing, HR, Production...


Inspiration: What do Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs and Albert Einstein have in common? They are all masters of simplification.



If you’re a large business and complexity is slowing you down or your team is feeling burnt out.  

If you’re a small business and you can see complexity rising as you grow.

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