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Less meetings, more action


At Braindanz, we run many workshop to help teams make decisions, simplify, solve problems, or just get things done.


Our expert facilitators design the workshops using step-by-step approaches - 'Danzers' - and guide participants to the planned outcome.

This setup increase the chances of getting the result you want while reducing tensions and making everyone feel involved.  



Many businesses are simply drowning in meetings. While they work for connecting and sharing casual information, meetings don't work for much else and create unnecessary complexity.


In contrast, a workshop has a specific, custom-made plan and is facilitated by an expert. This makes all the difference.


Our workshops cover Problem solving: innovation, team dynamics, processes, operations. Decision making: strategy, leadership retreats, yearly plans. Getting things done: product launches, events, re-organisations etc,


A dedicated workshop facilitator is responsible for designing the workshop, running it and guiding the group to the desired destination.


It can take place offline or online and it usually lasts a day. But some workshops can take just an hour or up to 3 days like in the case of leadership retreats. 


They can involve just a few people or a large group.



For everyone who wants to make things simpler, who is tired of meeting marathons, who wants to deliver better results faster.

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