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Despite 2 Nobel prizes and a wealth of major findings from top academics in the past 2 decades, real-world organizations have only just started to leverage learnings from Behavioural Science.

Braindanz is helping to change that. For our clients we translate relevant BS findings into Danzers – practical frameworks and steps – and then work to bring them to life for their business, brand, organisation or cause.


Braindanz was founded in 2020, bringing together experts in applied Behavioural Science, Marketing, Strategy, Change Management and Facilitation.


3 key questions keep coming back:


How can I make something feel simpler or easier? Applies to comms, marketing, products and services, processes and organisations.


How can I get people to act? Leverage the power of emotions, framing and choice architecture to spring people into action.

How can we make better decisions? Revealing decision biases and putting countermeasures in place.

For Whom?

Leaders and managers in global corporates, local startups, NGOs and administrations dealing with:



Change management



Development and UX

Human resources


Braindanz is a Swiss based consultancy with consultants in Switzerland, France and the UK.  

Let's talk:


Braindanz Sàrl
Avenue du Théâtre 7

1005 Lausanne


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