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Behavioural Science



We make 35,000+ decisions a day with an ancient brain that wasn’t designed for it. The result is choice overload, often sub-optimal decisions and rising levels of anxiety. 


BS’s goal is to make products and services, brands, organisations and worthwhile causes more brain-friendly. 


BS made governments and businesses see that, most of the time, we aren’t rational thinkers. This carries major implications and opportunities

Tech and consumer goods companies like Google, Amazon, Netflix and Coke all use BS.


It’s now spreading into all areas of business, non-profits and markets with 150+ governments using BS.


BS is helpful every time humans and decisions are involved. Its applications are vast and varied.


Businesses use BS to attract new customers and make it easier for them to buy.


Governments use BS to nudge taxpayers to pay on time or populations to donate organs, act greener and more.

What's your challenge?

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